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GDPR: France ranks 1st in terms of the amount of sanctions imposed

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Since the entry into force of the GDPR on May 25, 2018, the cumulative financial sanctions imposed by the CNIL ranks France at the top of the European podium for sanctions pronounced. Out of a total of 114 million euros ordered by the supervisory authorities of the member states, more than 51 million euros result from CNIL decisions, namely almost 50%. Then come the German (almost 25 million euros) and Austrian (almost 18 million euros) supervisory authorities.

It should be stressed that the amount of the sanctions is not necessarily proportional to the number of notifications of breaches to the supervisory authorities, which total a little over 160,000. Almost a quarter of complaints come from Netherlands (40,647), followed by Germany (37,636) and then the United Kingdom (22,181). France is only in 9th position, with only 3,459 notifications.

If German citizens appear more concerned about the protection of their personal data than are their French counterparts, the authorities of the two countries have taken up the challenges of protection of personal data by applying the highest sanctions.