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Publication of the « Practical guide to expert evidence » (“Guide pratique de l’expertise de justice“)

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This guide was drafted by various experts and lawyers, with the contribution of judges. It is the result of a cooperation between the European Institute of Expertise and Experts, the French School of Professional Training of the Bars of the Paris Court of Appeal and the French publishing house LGDJ. It was directed by Jacques Lauvin, honorary expert approved by the French Court of Cassation, and Jean-Christophe Caron, former President of the Bar at the Court of Versailles.

The guide discusses various subjects from a practical and operational point of view: the use of expert evidence, the conduct of an expertise, special cases of expert evidence, expert evidence before civil administrative and  criminal courts …

Béatrice Deshayes is co-author of the guide’s chapter dealing with “Cross-border expertise”, together with Jean-Raymond Lemaire. From an international point of view, she covers subjects such as the appointment of an expert, his mission and role, the conduct of an expertise and the expert’s report, as well as the use of expertise in litigation and arbitration. Her considerations and explanations are enriched with examples taken from her long-standing practice in the field of international litigation.

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