Passerelle des Deux Rives between the French city of Strasbourg and the German city of Kehl

French-German expertise

hw&h assists German companies and their French subsidiaries in all legal aspects of their activities in France as well as French companies in Germany.

The firm is characterized by its enrooting in the German economy. Several hw&h’s lawyers are also Rechtsanwälte and place their knowledge of French and German cultures and legal environments at the service of their clients. This allows them to pertinently and pragmatically understand each of these two markets.

hw&h’s lawyers and Rechtsanwälte appear before French and German courts and are involved in international arbitration. Their professional experience, dual training and specialization in French-German relations enable them to take into consideration the differences that exist in the business world and judicial practice of both countries.

The «German litigation» team handles lawsuits before German courts directly from Paris, without necessarily having to go through local counsels. Contact with the courts are thus ensured without any intermediaries and clients’ claims are handled as closely as possible to their interests, using an approach that is always pragmatic, combining legal and strategic analysis and integrating aspects of international private law.

Our competency at the service of French companies doing business in Germany

We advise and litigate for our French clients in numerous areas of German law: distribution, competition, consumer affairs, international sales, intellectual property and new technologies. The team has developed special know how in industrial risks and insurance, with a specialization in product liability. We also assist French companies in their planned acquisition of German targets.

Other areas of law are covered together with partner firms in Germany.

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Our competency at the service of German companies and French subsidiaries in France

Assisting German companies in their relations with France constitutes the historical core of the firm’s know how. It accordingly places at their service a dedicated German-speaking team which is unique in France both due to its size and competencies. In all the fields in which it acts, hw&h disposes of specialists able to resolve the multiple requests of companies, ensure cross-discipline work, and furnish reporting to parent companies by adapting to the mentality, methods and expectations of its clients.

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