Labor Law

The labor law team assists French and international groups as well as successful small and medium size French firms with their labor law litigation, and advises them with respect to the organization of their individual and collective relations with their employees.

The labor law team has acquired an acknowledged expertise in matters of complex collective litigation (employment protection plan or post-employment protection plan, working on Sundays or night work, etc.) and in the implementation of restructurings.

 The team was distinguished in the category «reputed practice» in «Restructuring, Lay-offs and Collective Litigation» by Décideurs in 2015, and in the category «strong reputation» in « Litigation involving risk and criminal labor law».

Individual employment relations
  • Labor contracts: drafting of permanent contracts/fixed-term contracts, special contracts (secondment, expatriation, provision of services contracts), status of managers
  • Professional transition (voluntary or imposed departures)
  • Individual dismissal procedures, negotiation of terminations
  • Litigation
Collective employment relations
  • Employment protection plans
  • Company-wide agreements
  • Reorganization
  • Litigation
Relations with labor authorities
  • Social protection of management (rulings)
  • Protected employees
  • Employment protection plans
Trade union law and professional relations
  • Regulation of work on Sundays or night work
  • Collective negotiations
  • Professional elections